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• Name: TJ Jones
• Gender: Male
• Birthday: 6/24/1962 (Age: 51)
• Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

About Me
Left Midlothian in 1980, joined the Navy. Aircraft mechanic. Was stationed in Hawaii for a couple of years, then went on a WestPac cruise. Phillipines, Korea, Diego Garcia, Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand. Came back to Hawaii for a few months, then was re-assigned to Texas. Kingsville, then Beeville. Took up skydiving. (Gotta have a hobby!) Was stationed in Point Mugu, CA, just north of Malibu. Worked part time at a radio station. Went to the south pole, Antarctica 3 years in a row. Got out of the Navy, went to work for the National Science Foundation, Department of Polar Programs. Back to Antarctica I go, this time for a full year straight. Came back to California, tried acting for a while. Did photography to support my acting habit. Kissed Ashley Judd. Got a job as a dance instructor at Club Med, Sonora Bay, Mexico. Became the photographer there, as well. Got certified as a scuba diver. Came back to Texas for a couple of years, sold boot at Cavenders. Tried bull riding. One trip to the hospital later, retired from bull riding. Back to California, back to photography. Work as the photographer for Mark and Brian, at a radio station out here. Photographed a couple parties at the Playboy mansion. Started doing undersea work. Tried out for 'Survivor'. Began working at a dive shop, and am now the Dive Safety Officer for the Los Angeles Zoo. I can juggle, and cook a few dishes so good you'll...

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