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• Name: Hilary A
• Gender: Female
• Birthday: 11/29/1971 (Age: 41)
• Location: South Florida, United States

About Me
When I was a young (and poor) college student, I was looking at pictures that a physician I worked with had brought back from his diving trip to the Galapagos Islands. Gazing into the grainy depths of his u/w pics (this was about 1991), I became fascinated with the images that appeared. Namely hammerheads. I decided that day that I would learn to dive as soon as I could afford it. It took several I was sidetracked by real-life, marriage, family, etc. The fact that I lived in KS didn't help. :) But in 2000, after a "Discover Scuba" course in Mexico, I became certified. In 2003, when I began spending alot of time in CA, I finally had the chance to dive on a regular basis. At that point, it became evident to me that this sport required commitment, and despite spending half of the year living in the desert of NM, I've been able to dive regularly. Now, if I go more than a month without blowing bubbles, I feel withdrawals! I've just relocated to South Florida, and being close to the water (and able to dive anytime I want) is just SOOOO AMAZINGLY ROCKIN'! I'm also thankful for the wonderful people that I've met who share my love of this amazing sport.

Your Diving Certification
SSI Divecon/AI, various specialities.

Number of Dives
150 and going strong

Entries Written: 96 entries
Comments Written: 114 comments
Signup Date: August 27, 2005
Last Login: September 26, 2007

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