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7/31/2006 - Fifth Diver Confirmed Dead in Florida

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     a diver missing during Florida's "mini" lobster season has been found dead, bringing the total death toll for this year to five.  See Full Story.


   this year seems to have been particulalry deadly.  most people believe the fatalities are due to divers getting back in the water after a long time without diving and thus being unprepared.  "lobster fever" (the compulsion to squeeze into tight spaces and overstay bottom times in order to get a lobster) has also been blamed.



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7/27/2006 - Four Florida Divers Dead in Two Days

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     after the two days of Florida's "mini" lobster season, four divers are dead and one is missing.   the two-day mini-season runs from 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, July 26 to midnight Thursday, July 27. The regular season is Aug. 6 to March 31.


   on Wednesday, the following fatalities occurred:


 -- A 58-year-old man drowned while diving for lobster about five miles off the Fort Pierce Inlet on Wednesday. His name and hometown were withheld pending notification of next of kin.

 -- A 66-year-old woman from Coconut Grove had just entered the water at Big Pine Island when she reportedly began having some type of cardiac trouble. She was transported to Fishermen's Hospital in Marathon where she was pronounced dead.

 -- A  36 year-old man became separated from his buddy off of Plantation Key. He and his buddy were in about 15 feet of water scuba diving for lobster when they got separated. The friend surfaced and looked for the missing diver, but couldn't find him. He radioed for help and the diver was found on the bottom by rescue crews.  He had shed all of his equipment, except a weight belt. His tank was recovered empty


See Full Story


   On Thursday, the body of a female diver was found floating in the water on the ocean side of Big Pine Key, and the man believed to be with her appears to be missing.  the woman’s body, wearing scuba gear, was found floating by another boater.  the man and woman divers rented a boat from a local dive shop and are believed to be husband and wife. 


See Full Story



caribbean spiny lobster



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7/10/2006 - Diver Dies After Andrea Doria Dive

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   David Bright, a leading researcher into underwater exploration and shipwrecks, has died after diving to the site of the Andrea Doria off Nantucket, where he was working in preparation for the wreck's 50th anniversary. He was 49.  See Full Story.



   Bright surfaced from a dive and went into cardiac arrest.  It is unclear whether he suffered DCS or AGE, a stroke, heart-attack, or some other condition.  He had done over 120 dives on the Doria.


   Bright's interview with PBS about the Doria can be seen here.



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7/9/2006 - Oriskany Traffic Heavy

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     the Pensacola News Journal reports that the three Pensacola dive shops can barely keep up with demand for taking divers to the Oriskany.  shops have, in fact, been turning away divers because they can't accomodate everyone who wants to go.


shot from inside Oriskany's bridge


   this is certainly good news for the dive shops in Pensacola.  we'll have to wait and see as to whether the demand remains viable (though i am sure it will drop considerably in the months to come).  nevertheless, it's hard to argue against sinking Navy ships as artificial reefs when the response from divers is this hot.


  See full story.



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7/9/2006 - New Scuba World Record: 885 feet

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      Hungarian diver Gusztav Riczler has set a new world record of 270 meters (just over 885 feet) for the deepest unaided scuba dive.   Riczler, who is 37,  descended to the maximum depth in 14 minutes in the Red Sea's Blue Hole, off the coast of Egypt, and then started the long ascent back to the surface, which required several decompression stops that totaled eight hours.



Riczler is listed as an IANTD instructor in this page,

which also contains the photograph above.


     See full story



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